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Turkey: Cappadocia

Visiting the Anatolian peninsula is getting to be in Europe and Asia. Yes, its unique position is not only evident in the geographical sense, but it’s reflected in its history and culture. One unique and exciting site that will surely take your attention is Cappadocia and its beauty. Once you arrive at the Cappadocia airport, you will have to take a cab to either Göremeor or Uçhisar, whether you prefer a larger town with more tourist services or a small-town, luxurious getaway.

This semi-arid region in central Turkey receives thousands of tourists every year that are drawn to visit the area for its very peculiar cone-shaped rock formations. These astonishing arrangements served as protection and shelter for the Christians that were being persecuted or simply innocent people avoiding enemy armies and wars during the reign of the Roman Empire. However, we cannot forget that it is precisely their geographical position that has made it a path and connector of both continents but also appealing for many to conquer.

Needless to say, you must prepare beforehand and organize all the paperwork and be sure to fill out all the requirements before any travel abroad, especially now after the events of 2020 …