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7 Astonishing Health Benefits Of Spending More Time Outside

Having an outdoor area in your home does add to the overall experience of enjoying the living space in your property. The benefits of having outdoor living spaces include:

1. Boosting Your Immune System

The outdoor is never short of airborne chemicals called phytoncides that plants produce to ward off insects. The DEC (Department of Environment Conservation) says that inhaling the phytoncides can help the body increase white blood cell production, essential for fighting viral infects and cell deformities like tumours.

Pine, oak, and cedar tree are known to have a high phytoncide production; thus, they are an excellent addition to your property’s landscaping upgrade.

2. Increasing Vitamin D Levels

The hours you spend between sleep, work, and commutes, you get little exposure to the sun. It means you are among the many Americans who find it hard to get time to soak up this abundant free source of vitamin D. Some studies suggest that spending 15 minutes under the sun is enough to get your vitamin D levels up, helping you feel better as you work or rest when indoors.

The sun is a source of heat and vitamin D, but it can also damage the skin if …