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Real Estate Photography – What It Takes To Get Start In This Profession

Do you love photography and are doing it as a profession? If so, have you considered real estate photography?

Real estate photography can be an exciting niche that could bring some excitement into your work as a professional photographer. We have compiled this guide to help you transition if you are thinking of building a career in real estate photography.

Is it profitable, and how much can I make annually? How do I determine the pricing for the pictures I produce? These are some of the questions you might have regarding this job before taking the plunge. You also might wonder what lenses are perfect for real estate photography and whether you can use drone photography.  Before going into the article if you are looking for a quality real estate photographer then I would highly recommend four walls photography.

What Does Real Estate Photograph Entail?

We shall start by answering this primary question. It is photography that involves more than you might think about this profession. You could consider doing commercial real estate property or house photography or specialising in both. Nevertheless, the world of real estate photography might see you wear many hats.

Besides taking photos, those in this field of photography spend lengthy time and resources on staging properties, marketing, photo editing, sales, and other tasks. Photo editing might be an exciting aspect of the photograph profession, but you will enjoy less of it when you venture into real estate photography.

Most of the photographers in this line of work take a relatively short time processing the pictures they take, having a 24–48-hour window. They also work closely with real estate agents when shooting commercial and residential properties for online listings.

Real estate stock pictures might also be on the table at some point in your work. Making the stock photos available online using platforms such as Shutterstock gives you the chance to make some extra cash, which can be a passive income that will not demand much of your professional input.

How Do I Price My Real Estate Photography Works?

You must figure out how much to charge for your services if you are thinking of having a profitable and successful career as a real estate photographer. Besides the work you put into the photography, some things to consider when determining the rates to charge for your work include the time and complexities of editing the pictures, travelling costs, and property staging expenses. You also must factor in the preparations for the shoots and other associated fees.

It is best also to include the costs inquire when acquiring special photography equipment that you did not have when starting your profession. The goal is to set the best rates that will help you break even within the short time possible, allowing you to begin enjoying profits.

Never downplay how time-demanding any job can be, primarily when you are expected to deliver quality images. You could be asked to make several edits which might be time-consuming, eating into your time and therein the profits. That is why you should consider such complexities, setting a high rate for the jobs with lots of editing or super-fast turnaround times.

With the information you have discovered by this point in this guide, do you believe real estate photography is a career path you might consider?

Answering this depends on various factors, including your work ethics and preferences. You must be ready to commit to going the extra mile to find new opportunities and set flexible turnaround times depending on your workload.

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