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Tips For Better Recruiting And Onboarding Remotely

The year 2020 brought many changes. Not only did it bring changes to the way we work, but also the way we recruit. Nearly every business needed to adapt to having their employees work remotely. Many companies took these challenges head-on and they managed to continue to succeed despite them. Along with this, they even continued to recruit despite everything going against them. This allowed them to continue to grow their companies amid a pandemic. However, one of the biggest challenges a lot of companies faced was the onboarding process. This includes the companies that did a good job of recruiting during the pandemic. This article will be going more into detail about this and offer up some quality tips.

Recruiting Off-Site

No one would deny the fact that the pandemic made things a lot harder. This includes being able to recruit new employees. This is especially true when you are looking at it from a practical standpoint. However, there are a lot of different candidates that fit the bill when it comes to being suitable to join your team. Many would be the perfect fits. For the majority of business owners, it can feel very different not meeting someone in person before making a hiring decision. After all, we never really worked this way in their past. However, this isn’t the past and times are changing. Over the last few years even before the pandemic, more and more things have been done virtually and remotely. This was only accelerated by the pandemic for many businesses.

To effectively recruit without seeing someone in person, you need to change the way you look at things. That way, you can separate yourself from not meeting someone in person and continue to find great candidates like you were able to in the past.

We have a professional agency that believes in meeting these candidates before offering them up to our clients. We know how important finding the right fit is and that’s why we go through our virtual meetings to ensure we are fitting the right candidate with the right employer. We conduct our interviews in a way that allows us to explore the person beyond their CV. You can also get the interviews shared with you if you want to get a good first impression and save some time while you’re at it.

Not being able to meet a candidate physically in person doesn’t mean you have to completely change the way you look to recruit new hires. You can continue to do the same process you’re accustomed to. If you want, you can continue to hold a shorter interview to get introduced and follow it with a much longer and more formal one. This is where you can ask them to demonstrate abilities or even give a presentation.

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Communication and Reassurance

Whenever you are beginning a brand new job, it can be a very anxious experience. This is even more true when it comes down to starting in these trying and demanding times. As a talent manager, it is essential to maintain optimal communication early on in the process. You want to continue to offer recruits the reassurance they need throughout the entire thing.

One of the candidates that we helped get a position with a new employer told us how his process went along. He shared how he had a hiring manager call for a shorter initial call and then it was followed by an email that told him he could always get in touch with them and that the communication line was open. This is a very important step in the onboarding process of a new hire, especially when you are talking about a remote position.

Helping With Technology

It’s hard to believe what things would look like without the help of innovative communication and collaborative software like Zoom and Slack. These communication applications make it much easier to handle certain tasks remotely.

A lot of people might struggle with getting the hang of these things. This is especially true if they’ve never used the software or applications previously. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you have a good and structured program that they can follow to help guide them along the way.

Welcome Program

You need to have a well-structured program that any new hire can follow. This way, you can run your business remotely and have them jump on board and know exactly what they should be doing. You want to have a welcome program that gives the new hires the information they need. However, you don’t want to bombard them with too much information. You also want to make them feel welcome by introducing them to their other team members and by giving them a presentation on your corporate culture.

Continue To Maintain Contact

When you are onboarding a recruit remotely, you need to ensure they feel comfortable communicating with you. You want to keep things balanced and try to avoid micromanaging them throughout the entire process. You want to showcase that you trust them and that you hired them for a reason. While you want to continue to talk to them and communicate with them regularly during the initial stages, you should try to do so less frequently as they get more comfortable and when things start moving along well.

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